green transit

A continous line cutting through the heart of Copenhagen, revitalise the former train tracks.

I collect a competitory of thoughts and impressions regarding to the city from the view of a person from the outside, with my own backgroud mentality and a way of thinking. How does the structure of my family city refer to the place that is recognised for its people focused, context driven culturally sensitive growth.

The variety of views of the city allow me to create an image of the structure with all its changing variety, multilayered fabric and fl ow. It prevents creating any synthesis and summary that would be too soon.

It make an open frame, as it is not a fi nished image, but rather a collection of different perspectives, that allow to observe and study the city as a living structure.

Research consist of an open-ended studies of two cities: Copenhagen, which I get to know during my half-a-year stay, and Poznañ, where my family roots outreach last tree generations. created with the fi ber that interlace each other in various expressions of atmospheres and is fulfi lled with my insights and thoughts I note during my stay in Copenhagen. All this slight fragments of views and observations are supposed to create an image that examine city pulse.

Looking for the context, cultural and historical changes, and all of this elements that are needed for the experience of the city. Poznan have good potential to become a city with the identity based on the waterfront of Warta River.