Modular Light Cloud

“Modular Light Cloud” installation was designed and manufactured during Summer School Workshops at ASK (Architecture for Society of Knowledge), an international Masters course at Warsaw University of Technology School of Architecture.

Under guidance of ASK tutors, architects Jacek Markusiewicz and Marcin Strzała, a group of international participants, architecture students, young designers and architects, have taken upon a task of designing and constructing a responsive structure, an “instrument” for a performance by a contemporary dance artist Liwia Bargieł. During the Summer School Workshops, the participants had a chance to learn about current trends in contemporary architecture- parametricism, integration of technical and electronic solutions in architecture design and digital fabrication.

Modular Light Cloud is a spatial web encased in a cuboid shape, where parametric definition created in Rhino and Grasshopper is controlling length and position of LED lamps encased in special aluminium profiles and 42 unique nodes fabricated in a 3D printer. The intensity of lighting, its duration etc. is controlled by specially wired microprocessors armed with sound sensors. The installation interacts with its surroundings, listening to the sounds made by its users, becomes an “instrument”.

The project was realised thanks to help from Warsaw University of Technology Faculty of Architecture, Architecture for Society of Knowledge, Academic Association of the Faculty of Architecture of Warsaw University of Technology and partnering companies: LEDin, LEDline, Arduino Solutions and 3D Printers


photo credits to Agnieszka Szczepańska