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2 Al + 3Ca (OH)2 + 6H2O = 3CaO • Al2O3 • 6H2O + 3H2     Advertisements


Suspended ceiling kit – This consisted of lamella suspended from the structural ceiling to create a cohesive architectural surface and acoustic damping while allowing for technical installations to be routed in the space… Continue reading

material world

Architecture is born out of shrewd alignment of concept and matter.. It is the fulfillment of a spatial premise by way of material substance. Blaine Brownell       .

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3rd PRIZE AWARD | Fentress Global Challenge in Denver USA | My purpose was to present conceptually the hierarchical rules of management in a symbolic structure that combine the power of parametric design and my fascination with… Continue reading


  Digital Fabrication Workshop | Przemek Jaworski LabDigiFab         . .

Plac Unii construction site

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